Find out more about Forward

Forward is an innovator in car rental and is dedicated to providing quality customer service while also helping people get rid of the hassle and stress that comes with owning a car.

Most consumers would agree that when it comes to getting around, one could never live without having a car. But the typical car purchase experience is a painstaking process full of paperwork, long-term contracts in addition to high mandatory insurance and maintenance dues.

A little bit of History

Driveforward was founded by three automotive enthusiasts and investors in Singapore who owned and operated a private hire car rental business with over 20 years combined experience.

They were motivated to create a solution that would provide customers with high performance yet affordable vehicles that you can use to drive whichever way your lifestyle takes you by offering convenient, practical, and practically infeasible rent-to-own and lease-to-own services so that your current tight financial situation doesn’t prevent you from driving the cars of your dreams.